Winter to Spring…And Back Again!

It seems that spring has arrived a bit early, hasn’t it?  Although…you know how crazy back and forth the weather gets at this time of year!  Rain. Sun. Cold. Hot.  It’s enough to keep you guessing every single day about what the appropriate layers or lack thereof would be!  It’s just one of those coastal Californian things where the rest of the country is plunged into snow and winter, we are getting the amazing joy of early springtime!

Because layering is an absolute spring fashion necessity, we thought we’d put together some cool to warm (and back again!) weather options where you could take the same outfit virtually, and make it work for the mood swings of spring!

  1. The Ruffly Blouse



So in the early chill of the morning, you’ve got your jacket and your scarf on.  Ruffly blouses are oh-so springtime, but how cute of an addition to a jacket, right?  You can use the ruffle to add a little accent to the warmer pieces by pulling the sleeves through or the collar out to make sure you see that little pop of ruffle!  Take off the jacket, and you’re warm weather ready, but still look really nice for work or whatever you’re up to!

2. The Denim Jacket

IMG_0038 IMG_0039

You guys, if you don’t have a denim jacket, you need one.  I know, this can be a scary piece for all those jeans addicts because…how do you wear denim with denim…the easy answer to that question is you JUST DO IT!!!  It’s a huge trend for spring, and besides that, the denim jacket works with skirts and dresses and is a nice lightweight layering piece for this kind of breezy yet warm weather.  Also, notice the pop of lace in the top…it’s a nice little surprise when you take your jacket off!

3. The Floppy Hat

IMG_0040 IMG_0041

This outfit is more about versatility than it is about warmth, really.  Notice how the floppy hat and boots get swapped out for white loafers on the second outfit.  The floppy hat is one of those super glam boho pieces that makes you look like Rachel Zoe in a hot second.  Also, the stretchy lightweight sweater vest makes for a good layer over a nice blouse because it adds a little warmth, but not so much that you’ll get heatstroke when it warms up!

4. The Little Floral Dress

IMG_0042 IMG_0043

We are in love with sweater coats.  Because they are so comfy, easy to travel with, and toss in your car when it warms up and you don’t have to worry about wrinkling them.  Look how simple it is to add this sweater coat to this summer dress…and instantly you have an outfit for either breezy springtime OR summer when you take it off!  We loved this ruffly scarf to add a little bit of coverage for the really strappy numbers where you feel like you might want a little more of something on top.  Swapping boots for wedges or sandals is a great option also depending on the weather patterns of the day.

5. The Simple Slip Dress

IMG_0044 IMG_0045

Here, we took a simple sheath dress/slip dress, and made it more wearable and less like you’re just wearing a slip!  A vest (we used a sweater vest for this outfit because we loved the brown with the pink!) can add warmth while a sheer button down can be worn kind of like a vest to add some coverage and texture to the outfit.  Boots can be again swapped for mary jane’s, sandals, or flats for a springy look!

You probably have some of these elements in your closet…but we will break it down for you so you can recreate these looks (in your own way of course!).

  1. Denim jacket.
  2. Boots and/or booties in a neutral color like brown, black, or grey.
  3. A lighter, springtime scarf.  For those who are scarf challenged, get an infinity scarf so all you have to do is loop it around twice and go!
  4. A floral summer dress.
  5. A midi or maxi length skirt, depending on your body type and preference.
  6. Statement belt…tooled leather, embroidered, or a solid color work great!
  7. Statement necklace.
  8. Slip dress.
  9. A vest or a sheer top…there are so many options for this look.  A crochet top also works to layer over a simple slip dress!
  10. Jacket.

Okay, I think you’re ready to style!  If you need any help, please come in and see us!   We LOVE to help with this stuff, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Happy shopping 🙂



Summer Pieces for Fall…Simple How To’s

So let’s just get real here.  We live in California.  Near the beach.  That is absolutely a GLORIOUS thing…until September/October when we all start longing for fall.  We drink our pumpkin spice lattes while wearing tank tops.  Sweat while we pick pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.  And worry that our kids might be TOO bundled up in their Halloween costumes, because what if it’s 90 degrees that day??  And while most of our Instagram and Facebook feeds are covered in photos of boots and scarves and mittens, we are still trying to figure out if it’s cool enough to wear a lightweight sweater or even just a vest.

All this being said…obviously it’s great to live in a place with such nice weather!  We wanted to do a post all about how to layer for fall HERE.  And we also know how important it is to re-use and re-purpose all those fun spring and summer items you’ve got in your closet.  So we thought we would come up with some looks using items and outfits you probably have been wearing…and add on some layers for our typical Central Coast cool weather.  Because fur coats?  Rarely gonna happen here.

Look #1: Graphic Sundress to Layered Tunic Dress

IMG_1324 IMG_1325

Okay so the beauty of each of these looks is that you can add on these colder weather pieces as the weather gets cooler.  This is a great way to re-use all those graphic or even solid sundresses you’ve got.  We first put on skinny jeans (you can use leggings too) under the dress and then put on a loose fit sweater over the top.  Loose fit sweaters are magic for layering, so if you haven’t got one yet, go get at least one in a neutral color like black or grey.  It will go over SO many things…you’ll be surprised at how layerable all your clothes suddenly become!  Then we swapped out the wedges for tall boots and added a different patterned scarf.  This is a great way to try pattern mixing too if you’re a bit shy about it.  Since there’s a solid sweater between the scarf and the dress, it keeps the pattern mixing more mellow and give a little bit of a buffer between the two.

Look #2: Tank and Mini to Cozy Flannel


This is a fun look.  Take all those mini OR midi OR maxi skirts you’ve got (you can use your preferred length and the look will still work gloriously!) and that tank you’ve been wearing with it…since it’s been so hot lately.  This is one of those layered looks perfect for when it starts to cool down, but it’s not actually COLD cold yet.  Add on a flannel (flannels make EXCELLENT cool weather jacket substitutions because they’re not as thick or warm as a jacket but they will keep you nice and cozy still) and a large scarf…keep your booties OR add on tights/leggings and tall boots…and you’ve got yourself an outfit!  Another good pattern mixing tip: florals and plaids typically work REALLY well together as long as the colors compliment each other.  So a flannel over a floral top or dress?  Perfect pattern mixing.  You’ll instantly look like a pro.

Look #3: Denim Sundress to Sweater Weather Fab


Another piece that you will definitely want to have in your closet for the California winter is an open sweater.  These draped front sweaters are so flattering (they tend to be nice and tummy hiding FYI!) and they are easy to add on to summer pieces to warm them up a bit.  Denim is HUGE right now and one of the more unpredictable ways you can wear it for fall is by taking a denim dress and adding on a sweater and a large scarf like this embroidered pashmina we have here.  Booties again work for both warm and cool weather…and again, adding leggings or tights under would work too if you think you’ll be too cold with bare legs.

Look #4: Floral Sundress to Boho Fall Chic


Okay floral sundresses…we’ve all got at least one right?  Whether it’s a mini, a maxi, sleeved, or sleeveless…the floral sundress and boots is one of the greatest summer outfits of all time.  Are florals appropriate for fall and winter?  You betcha they are!  Just take that simple outfit and warm it up a little…and you’ve got a winner for fall too.  Adding leg warmers or tall thick boot socks is a fun way to not only add warmth to your boots, but also to add height…you can create an over-the-knee effect with your boots by using the same color boot socks or leg warmers and pulling them over your knees.  There’s a great way you can wear the over-the-knee trend without forking over hundreds of dollars for a new pair of boots!  Again, we added a great loose fitting sweater over the top of the dress, taking it from summer to fall.  The floppy hat is one of those key pieces that when added to any outfit, instantly makes you look all Parisian boho chic.  And we all like that feeling right?!

Those of us who are used to the Central Coast type fall know that when it starts to cool down, the weather starts ping ponging back and forth between cool and warm…thereby driving all of us outfit planners crazy.  So the beauty of these looks is that they are the kind of outfits that you can add the layers or subtract them if you, well, didn’t listen to your local weather man that morning.  Now I know you’ve got the summer pieces in your closet.  But I’m gonna recap some key pieces you will want to check off your list in order to ensure a perfectly layered autumn!

  1. Loose fitting sweater in a neutral color OR in a color that will easily coordinate with many of your pieces.
  2. Draped open front sweater…in any color.
  3. Boot socks or leg warmers.
  4. Skinny jeans or leggings to put under your dresses and that will easily tuck into your boots.
  5. A great flannel.

Ahhhh…nothing better than a pumpkin spice latte on a 95 degree day is there?  Happy Fall, Central Coasters!  Come on in if you need some layering advice!  We’ll getcha all set up for the slightly cooler weather to come…and the even colder weather to follow.  We know the drill and we love to help you! 🙂

Happy shopping!  (and layering) 🙂


Dressing Up and Doing Yoga

I first “met” Sarah over Instagram.  She posted a picture of herself in a shirt she bought at the store, and she is SO STINKING PRETTY I just couldn’t stand it…I had to ask her to come try on some clothes for us!  She was SO sweet to come in and do a photo shoot…even after being at the salon till 3am that morning!  Yep, you read that right!  (she used to have dark hair, and for those of us who have gone from dark to blonde, that explains why! 🙂

Sarah is one of those look-good-in-everything adorable types.  She has these incredible freckles and totally rocks her strawberry blonde hair every bit as gorgeously as a Kardashian would.  She’s studying to become a yoga instructor and is obviously a whole heck of a lot better at those complex poses than I am, so we decided to use that amazing talent to influence our choice of outfits!  She loves clothing…and will try on anything and everything, so we had a blast!

IMG_8628 IMG_8629

Okay don’t you just LOVE her??  She looks amazing in red…so we put her in this super cute 90’s style mini dress with boots and some fun, funky jewelry.  Love those funky rust colored 80’s earrings she’s got…they kind of bring up the funk to a new level.  She so owns this style.  I love it when a girl can rock a great 90’s outfit!

IMG_8630 IMG_8631 IMG_8632

We had to do a great yogi outfit on Sarah.  These vintage lavender harem pants (which totally went home with her because, I mean come on!!) really just looked so perfect on her.  We layered a couple of necklaces and tied up a purple tee to give her a nice waist.   Harem style pants can be a bit tricky to style.  The key is balance (hehehe pun intended!)…you’ve got to make sure that whatever is on top is more fitted, otherwise you can really start looking like a balloon.  We thought bare feet would be fun for this shot since she was working her yoga magic, but gladiator sandals would be really awesome with these pants.

IMG_8633 IMG_8634

This outfit really stole the show.  We both loved this vintage tan lace edged maxi dress, but it was kind of shapeless on the top, so we tied up this graphic tee over it.  Magic.  Plus, look at this print on the tee!!!  The vintage headscarf and layered necklaces just gave her this Boheme kind of Parisian chic vibe.  She’s kind of Anthropologie meets Free People with a vintage flair.  The coral colored wedges add a nice pop of color amidst all the neutrals and give balance to the colors in the head scarf.


This Indah kiss print romper is just made for her.  The vintage elephant necklace and vintage sandals add something to it…unexpected accents can make an outfit.  You can really steer an outfit in a completely different direction just by changing the accessories.

IMG_8637 IMG_8636

I love this romantic look on Sarah.  This dress is simple and girly, and this black kimono makes it a little more bohemian and a little more edgy.  We kept the shoes very simple with wedges in a nice neutral shade like the dress.  The vintage floral necklace keeps the whole thing sweet.

Gosh this is so fun.  If you’re not having fun with your outfits, let us help!  We love playing with clothes and accessories!  You can even bring in what you’ve got and let us help you find some new fun stuff to make it even better.  This is our jam.

Happy shopping!


Zesty Fun

Every once in a while, you come across a business that you just love.  I mean, not just for what they do, but for the people who run it.  This is the case with the girls of Zest It Up, an event design and catering company (and super cool DIY fun blog), who are rocking the wedding industry.  Let me explain.  Chanda and Sam are the ghostbusters of wedding planning.  Boring wedding food?  Who you gonna call?  Zest It Up.  They’re the classy meets food truck and all around zesty wedding planners who are guaranteed to bring life, energy, and, well to put it succinctly, ZEST into an event.

I think the thing that also makes me love them is their amazing friendship and chemistry when they’re together.  You can really tell that they truly LOVE what they do and very much enjoy doing it together.  They’re also super duper cute, which makes them absolutely perfect for a photo shoot!

Let’s talk about their style.  Chanda and Sam do a lot of dressing up on a daily basis.  They meet clients and go to rehearsals and weddings all the time, so not only do they need to look great, they need to feel great in their clothes so they can move around and actually work in their pretty dresses.  Since they both have such great style, we decided to go with a lot of really beautiful clothes that they could still function in and didn’t feel stuffy.

Here’s what we came up with!





Ok look how cute they are together!  Sam (on the left) is wearing these gorgeous flowy floral palazzo pants with wedges to give her a little extra height (those pants are long!!) and a really nice black tank.  We added some bright jewelry to pick up the colors in the pants…keeping the outfit young and making it a little more fun.  I love how her outfit is a nice contrast, yet still compliments Chanda’s (on the right).  We went with a vintage feel for Chanda, with a really classy pencil skirt and peplum top.  The vintage leather belt and abalone necklace again keep the outfit young and add interest to it.  We used these cute little kitten heeled Mary Jane’s in keeping with the vintage vibe.  Cowboy boots would be great with it too!  These outfits would be awesome for an outdoor, barn kind of event where they can feel casual but look lovely at the same time.



How fun is this pattern mixing between the two of them?!?  Sam (left) is wearing a floral cotton dress that on it’s own, would be pretty casual.  So we put a long sleeved lace sheer top over it and added wedges and a long statement necklace.  Now instead of looking like a casual Friday, she looks like she’s all dolled up and ready to go!  Layering is a spectacular tool to change casual items into fancy ones!  I love this menswear kind of look on Chanda.  The grey velvet jacket takes this chevron mini to a totally new place.  The ballet lace up espadrilles and layered beaded necklace really grab the colors of the dress and make them pop.  Again, it’s the layers and details that take a relatively casual dress and make it event-ready.  Also something to note…if you have a really bright and bold pattern like this chevron pattern, putting a jacked or a top over it minimizes the AMOUNT of that pattern, making it often feel more wearable.





Ready to go dancing!  I love these looks on these Zesty girls!  I mean look how beautiful they are??  Sam is wearing this amazing kind of 1970’s inspired layered dress (it totally reminds me of Halston Heritage) with the coral wedges and gold jewelry.  She can really move in this dress, whether she’s cutting it loose on the dance floor or running around making an event go smoothly.  Chanda looks stunning in this silky aztec maxi and turquoise jewelry.  Again, she could easily look like she’s going to the party even though she’s running the show!

IMG_6139This last look is a little more casual, a little more day-to-day taking meetings and hanging out.  I love this light orangey lace dress on Sam.  We layered it over a vintage slip and let the lace at the bottom peek out.  The flannel and boots dress down the lace, making it a more daytime look.  Chanda is wearing a similar peachy orange halter with this vintage black skirt that has kind of a cut out lace pattern on it.  The denim jacket and boots again, dress down the outfit and make it more appropriate for coffee shop meetings and daytime events.

I don’t know if friendship gets much better than this.  Two girls having a blast, wearing fun clothes, and event planning…I think they’re living the dream!  And it’s a zesty one at that!

Need help with layering?  We LOVE this stuff!  As the seasons change from summer to fall, let us help you figure out how to layer and take your summer pieces into fall without missing a beat.  Come on in!

Happy layering!


My Beautiful Friend

I love when I get to do photoshoots with friends.  It’s so fun to get to dress up someone I know and love…and to get to celebrate their beauty on so many levels!  Rebekah is such a lovely person.  She’s always so bright and happy and sweet…she’s the kind of person that can make a bad day better just by being around her.  She’s got the voice of an angel and a spirit much like one too.  Plus her style…well let’s just say she looks like she walked right out of a Free People magazine on most days!

We didn’t really have an agenda for dressing up Rebekah…we just thought we’d have fun and play with a mixture of Free People inspired looks and structured vintage items…because she can really wear that high necked vintage look well.  The results were nothing less than amazing!!


This dress was just asking to for her to wear it!  I love the kind of Asian inspired fit with the gold statement necklace and boots.  It makes it very young even with such a structured look.  The thing about vintage dresses like this is that the accessories often determine whether or not the dress looks old or not.  Boots and funky jewelry usually give dresses like this a new lease on life.


Pattern mixing is so fun!  This skirt from Anthropologie is so stunning…and that elastic waistband acts kind of like a belt, separating the top from the bottom.  The top is very vintage, but I love how the colors really compliment each other from the top to the bottom.  We kept the shoes and jewelry really simple and neutral since this outfit has a whole lot going on already.  This is such a dramatic and beautiful look.  It has a decidedly Anthropologie-esque feel about it.


Oh drool…do you see this outfit right now???  Oh my goodness.  This sheer leopard tunic goes magically with those vintage red cowboy boots.  Leopard and red is one of my favorite combos!  I know some women are kind of afraid of wearing leopard…and it could look very different is we accessorized it differently.  But it’s totally fun and wearable with cowboy boots and gold jewelry like this.


This outfit on Bekah is just stunning.  My absolute favorite of them all.  It’s so Free People inspired with just a hint of vintage to add to it.  We layered a cream colored vintage slip underneath a ruffly dress (from Urban Outfitters) and topped it off with a peachy kimono.  Long pears and vintage lace up boots added some nice romantic touches that make it just dreamy.  There’s really nothing she can’t pull off, but this look is so completely her!


This is a great example of maxi dress layering.  Bekah loved this maxi dress but it didn’t quite fit her right on the top.  So instead of tossing it aside and not using it, we put a semi sheer top over it which makes the whole thing even more fun than before!  We kind of made the top a little off shoulder so you can see the strap of the dress…makes it feel sort of summery/beachy and casual.  We used her own booties, but gladiator sandals would be beautiful with this look too.

So.  Much.  Fun.  Playing with clothes is just magical!  You never know what you’re going to create!  Sometimes you can take “boring” pieces from your own closet and make them into works of art by layering, tying in a knot, or tucking them into another piece!  It’s supposed to be fun!

Need help?  That’s what we are here for!  Come see us!

Happy dress up!


Twin Cuteness

Warning.  I’m going to gush a lot in this post because, well, every single thing these girls put on was crazy adorable.  Every hat, bag, and dress they put on was like, “um, that’s my favorite.  No wait.  THAT’S my favorite.” So just be aware, there’s going to be a lot of repetition of words like “cute”, “adorable”, “SO GOOD”, and other descriptions of endearment.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, meet Rachel and Olivia!  Yes, they are twins…IDENTICAL twins…so the cuteness factor is doubled, which makes me gush double the amount.  They both are studying business (one at Cal Poly and the other at Cuesta, but soon to start Poly).  They love Disneyland, vintage clothes, and cupcakes.  So much so, that they dream of opening a fairy tale themed cupcake shop after college.  SERIOUS CUTENESS.  (you were warned!!)  Rachel also does makeup for fun (check her out on instagram @sunhatsandredlips).  Both of these girls have an awesome eye for fashion and honestly, they picked out most of their clothes.  They love the 1950s style and they look amazing in it…the house dresses with flared skirts and pencil pants are just so good on them.  They’re both the kind of girls who can wear things like cloche hats and look like they meant to put them on…like it’s intentional and not like they tried on a silly hat then forgot and accidentally left it on their heads.

Ok on to the clothes.  Just wait till you see these pictures.  You’re gonna oooh and ahhhhh and stop being upset at me for all this gushing.  Honest.

FullSizeRender 8

I told you.  Rachel is on the left…she’s wearing this vintage inspired house dress with these oxford flats that are just so retro fabulous.  Because the white of the shoes was kind of a stark contrast to the dress, we added pearls (boy do these girls wear pearls well), a white bag, and a chunky white bracelet to tie the white of the shoes in.  Good way to tie in shoes and an outfit…make the accessories compliment the shoes and you’re good to go.  Olivia is on the right and she chose this vintage lace collared dress with this menswear inspired tweed jacket complete with elbow patches (those make every jacket much more amazing). She’s rocking the cloche hat like a boss and we put some pointy heeled booties to add a little tough edge to the outfit.

FullSizeRender 13 FullSizeRender 14

What in the cuteness…these girls look so good in everything!!  Olivia (left) chose this menswear inspired pinstripe button-down to go under this beautiful vintage cardigan.  I added the lace skirt and soft flats to tie it all together.  We did some thin small pearl strands just under the collar because it added a nice pretty accent to the whole ensemble.  Rachel chose this fabulously adorable printed button down under this red short trench coat.  The navy skinny kind of chinos under it were perfect.  I added the vintage western-ish flats (which she squeezed her feet into!) because they have that kind of menswear feel and add a nice accent to the whole thing. (that whole outfit went home with Rachel!)

FullSizeRender 15

This outfit was a lot of fun.  Rachel (on the left) wore this really fun light blue umbrella shirt and striped pants, which is a bold outfit choice…but her personality is so fun and bold that it just looks right on her.  We added black Tom’s lace up flats and a black cross body bag to accent the whole look.  This was my absolute favorite look on Olivia.  These high waisted tweed pants were made for her…and this vintage cream button down tucked in looks so great with it.  We added some pearls, wedges (which made her as tall as her sister!), and a vintage bag.  Her legs look so long!!

FullSizeRender 17

Okay you have to be saying “awwwwwwwww” while you’re looking at this picture!!  I mean look at the sisterly love!  Look at those adorable smiles! Rachel (on the left) is wearing my favorite outfit on her…this floral cropped high necked top with these printed red pants…soooo good.  We added vintage heels (which she was once again a great sport and squeezed her feet into!) which really gave a sweetness factor to the outfit.  Olivia once again rocks the hat with this floral vintage dress.  Once we helped her up into the tree we added the red peep toe heels that really bring out the red flowers in the dress.

So even though these girls looked so cute in everything…they definitely had their own individual style going on.  I mean even with identical twins, things can look different on them simply because clothing is not just to compliment your looks, it’s also a reflection of your personality.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put something on someone that looks great but at the same time looks completely wrong because it doesn’t FEEL like it’s right.  So even though these girls look a whole lot alike, they still have their own style…just like you and me.

Having trouble finding your style?  Come in and we can help.  We love this stuff.  Hope you’ve recovered from all that cuteness…

Happy shopping!

This is One Foxy Mama

From the minute I met Chelsea one thing was completely obvious.  The girl has got mad style.  She’s so beautiful and radiant and that long glorious hair…she’s just overall lovely.  She’s got two super cute little girls, she’s going to school, and she’s a hairstylist in all that free time she’s got going on.  I was so happy she wanted to come in and take some pictures with us because she’s so adorable and fun!

Chelsea loves the style of the early 60s…you know, the beehive hair and the structured pencil skirts.  However, she’s kind of just up for trying on anything and everything, which makes for a super fun and easy time finding outfits.  We took some of that retro influence and just got creative!!  Here’s what we came up with…there wasn’t a bad photo in the bunch.

FullSizeRender 7

For the first look, I wanted to keep with the early 60s influence so we chose this adorable (and possibly handmade?) vintage top with this cute little orange mini.  The skirt has this awesome texture that totally makes it feel like it’s straight from the 1960s.  We added platforms (because, um, platforms are amazing and add miles to your legs!) and a vintage necklace to complete the vibe.  She looks like a pin up girl!  Perfection.

FullSizeRender 10

I had this necklace in mind for her from the start.  She loves statement jewelry and she’s not afraid to be bold and layer with her outfits and accessories.  The color of this vintage dress really just makes her skin glow and her hair totally pop.  The red vintage belt and the giant gold cross necklace add a little edge to this beautiful romantic dress. The boots also add a little attitude but keep the vintage feel.  It was an added bonus that the vintage slip we put under the dress popped out at the bottom…I think it makes the dress even prettier.  Oh and she totally ended up keeping that necklace. 🙂

FullSizeRender 8

Oh this outfit.  I LOVE this one.  This dress has been just waiting for the right person to come put it on.  And man does she rock it.  These leather heeled sandals soften the dress and bring out some of the lighter accent tones in this slightly cowl neck vintage fitted dress.  They’re a little hard to see under all that beautiful hair, but we added some giant black stone earrings that really completed the whole look.

FullSizeRender 5

Chelsea has never worn a jumpsuit before but she really wanted to try one.  This nude one is so beautiful, but the neckline was a bit too plunging for her.  We put a little bralette under the jumpsuit and this adorable crochet crop top over it, and now it’s totally wearable without losing the look of the jumpsuit.  Problem solved!  We kept those leather heeled sandals and added a silver statement tassel necklace.

FullSizeRender 6
FullSizeRender 3

Our final look of the day…this super cute vintage strapless dress.  I love how girly it is but since it’s black, still a bit edgy…which I think really reflects Chelsea’s style.  Girly and fun, but with a little edge to it.  The booties and long necklace were all this outfit needed to be ready to go pretty much anywhere in.  You could add leggings or skinny jeans too if it was a little colder and it would still be super cute.  Not comfortable with strapless?  You could take a basic t shirt or tank top and throw it on over this dress and tie it in a knot on the side right where the seam is and bam…still an adorable outfit.

Chelsea’s one of those women who totally inspires me to dress cute.  She’s a mom who’s got mad style even with little kids running around.  She dresses comfortably but still looks amazing every time I see her.

I love seeing how different outfits look on each person I get to style.  Clothes bring out our individual personalities if we let them!  Each of you has something to “say” with your style, so let it out and let it shine!  And if you need some help or encouragement, just come on in and we will help you out!

Happy shopping!